sobota, 20 czerwca 2015

Soutache tutorial for beginners

This tutorial is perfect for anyone who wants to start making soutache jewellery - simply start with basic skills and easy instructions explained carefully for you. You will learn how to make basic soutache element.

Level: Beginner

Language: English

PDF file contains:

- list of materials and tools
- easy step by step instructions with colour pictures
- PDF file which can be printable for your personal use only

Available to download  HERE

The file and its content are copyrighted and are offered for sale for personal, non-commercial use only. Purchasing of this tutorial does not grant you the permission to share, exchange, copy the whole or parts of it or distribute any of the file content in any way. Purchasing this pattern does not give you the permission to create something from this pattern to sell (even to a friend, charity event, or at local craft fair). By purchasing this tutorial you agree to the terms of use above.

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