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Soutache braids - types and differences.

After this year workshops I decided to write about soutache briads. It makes me thinking about defferences between soutache from USA and more familiar to me from Czech Republic. At least I collect few of the most popular soutache braids and start testing them.  
The following description of braids is made on the basis of my own experience.

PEGA 100% viscoze - Soutache braid from Czech Republic.
PEGA 61% acetat and 39% viscoze - also soutache braid from Czech Republic.
BeadSmith USA  - Polyester or Ryon from USA.
CHINESE 100% nylon - from China.


                                         On the left: Pega Viscoze, right: Pega Acetat.
                       Middle strings in Pega viscoze are in the similar colours, Pega acetat are white.


WIDE: 3mm
COLOURS: More than 50
SIDES: One side is more shiny that other. You can easly recognize it.
BEST FOR: Beginners and perfect for advanced soutache jewellery makers.
LOOPS AND CURVES: Perfect for small and large.
WITH OTHER BRIDES: Good with Acetat and BeadSmith.


WIDE: 3mm but more fleshy than Pega Viscoze.
COLOURS: More than 10
FLEXIBILITY: Good. Less than Pega Viscoze.
SIDES: One is less shiny than other. You can recognize it.
BEST FOR: More for beginners but also for advanced makers.
WITH OTHER BRIDES: Good with Pega Viscoze.

                                       On the right: Rayon BeadSmith, on left: Chinese. 
          BeadSmith braids have more loose strings that Chinese where strings are joined together.

BeadSmith USA (Polyester or Rayon):

WIDE: 3mm but fell more thinner.
COLOURS: More than 40
FLEXIBILITY: Bent over doesn't return to its shape. It stay in the one position.
SIDES: One is shining a bit more, than other side.
BEST FOR: Beginners and advaced soutache jewellery makers.
LOOPS AND CURVES: They stay in one position when bent. Easier to handle.
WITH OTHER BRIDES: Not bad with PEGA but you need some experience.

Please note: Rayon and Polyester braids can be joined together.


WIDE: 3mm but thicker and fleshy.
COLOURS: More than 80
FLEXIBILITY: Beacuse is thicker and dense it feels more 'havy", but is easy to handle.Bent over doesn't return to its shape.
SIDES: Both are shining.
BEST FOR: Perfect for beginners and advanced soutache makers.
LOOPS AND CURVES: Hard to make small and precision loops in projects. Best for large projects like bracelets and necklaces that don't have complicated details.
WITH OTHER BRIDES: Only with thicker.

                                All braids in one needle. You can see differences in thickness.

                                                                  From the top: 
                                                                  Pega Viscoze,
                                                                   Pega Acetat,
                                                         Rayon BeadSmith USA

 At the end I would like to say that all soutache braids are good for soutache jewellery.
You can choose braids depending on your skills, preferences and tastes
 It is worth to try several braids and find right for yourself.

Happy sewing! :)

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