poniedziałek, 10 września 2012

Earings and necklace set.

Special order :) Serpentinite gemstone cabochons with green glass beads, and Toho seed beads. Sterling silver (925) leverback ear wires. Beautiful prestented together with necklace.

piątek, 7 września 2012

Still green.

Next Handmade soutache earrings with large Howlite gemstrone :) Toho seed beads, and glass green beads. Verry light! 6cm x 4cm. Available / Dostępne.

czwartek, 6 września 2012

Deep green.

 Beautiful handmade soutache necklace in light and dark green. In the middle is placed natural gemstone :) Toho seed beads. Available/dostępny :)

Weraph Candy!

 Please visit her blog: http://koralikowaweraph.blogspot.co.uk/   :)

środa, 5 września 2012


My first post! :)

Earrings in the technique of soutache embroidery: green malachite cabochons, Toho seed beads and light green 4mm beads. Ear studs. Special order - reserved.